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Beneficial Organisms

There are numerous beneficial organisms in every yard and this is one reason, plus your safety, your family’s safety and the safety of any pets you have for not using synthetic pesticides. Many insects and other arthropods can be beneficial in different ways. Some are pollinators and we certainly need them. Others feed on decaying … Continue reading

Not all Ants are the same

Not all ants are the same. Recently I went to a house where a family had an infestation of ants. Two companies gave them prices on the phone without knowing what they are and when they saw them, they couldn’t identify them. They suggested spraying and baits. They called me and I went out there … Continue reading


Pocket gophers construct burrows under the ground using their strong forelegs, enlarged claws and even their teeth. Their vision is poor because of their habitat as is their hearing. When the gopher digs, it kicks the dirt behind it with its hind feet. When a lot of loose dirt has accumulated, it turns around and … Continue reading

Essential Oils

I want to talk about essential oils today as they can very effectively repel and control most household pests. This is much safer than using standard, synthetic pesticides. You do have to be careful with essential oils as some people have a reaction to them if it is applied to their skin as a repellent. … Continue reading

Pest Control Tips

Here are some more pest tips. German roaches German roaches are small, light colored roaches that infest kitchens and are very prolific. You can bring them home from a grocery store, so check bags food is put in at the store. If you have these roaches, get some German Roach Pheromone Traps and put them … Continue reading

Pesticide Precautionary Principle (PPP)

  I have referred to the Pesticide Precautionary Principle (PPP) several times.  Here is some information on how it is used. The Pesticide Precautionary Principle simply means that any pesticides used for any purpose have to be proven safe for people and the environment.  There are three sections of the PPP that are important. First, … Continue reading

Pest Control Mythology

The pest control industry isn’t as it really seems or how it wants you to believe it is.   In many cases, companies just spray baseboards around the inside of a house on a monthly schedule and call that pest control.  That is a gimmick and is not pest control, it is pesticide pollution.  When I … Continue reading

Kissing Bugs

Kissing bugs are in the news and I want to give you some info on them. They are mostly in the news because of the potential to spread Chagas disease. We do need to be aware of kissing bugs, AKA conenose bugs, assassin bugs and Mexican bedbugs. A bite from one of these bugs can result … Continue reading


Someone asked me if pigeons are hazardous to our health. I told her that alcohol and tobacco cause more death and grief in a single day than all the pigeons on the planet have since the beginning of time. When I look at the pigeon-infested roof of a fast-food restaurant, I can still tell myself … Continue reading

Commercial Pest Management Offer & Resume

I am going to offer my services to various organizations around the country because of a lot of unnecessary spraying of toxic pesticides in public buildings. If you know of any government agency or commercial companies that might welcome this, please let me know and I will send them the letter below.  My email address … Continue reading


Here is a case of pest misidentification that happened a few years ago. A salesman for a very large national pest control company told a prospective customer that she had nematodes in her swimming pool and she needed to have her whole yard sprayed with a nematicide. Fortunately, she didn’t sign a contract and wanted … Continue reading

Pest Questions and columns

I got an email last night that made my day. I have to post it here. It said Dear Mr. Fagerlund I have been a homeowner for many years and have lived in South Carolina, Texas, California and currently New Mexico. Over the years I have called a number of exterminators for various pest issues. In … Continue reading

Herbicide Applicator

This happened last year and is interesting and important. When I went to the store I saw fellow spraying weeds.  I stopped and asked the fellow what he was doing. This is our conversation” Me: What are you spraying? Him; I am spraying weeds. Me.: What are you using? Him: Roundup. Very good product and … Continue reading


  If anyone wants to spray pesticides on your property or in your house, have them sign the affirmation below. If any pest control companies are spraying pesticides in schools, require the school to have the pest company sign it. Here is a copy of an affirmation as I see it. I posted this in … Continue reading

Pest Control using household items

  I have posted on Social Media that you can control most pests with stuff you have at home rather than pesticides. I will elaborate a little more on each one, so you can try them out. For cockroaches, put out some pie pans full of beer around your house where cockroaches hang out. They … Continue reading

Pesticide Exposure

Question! If you had four glasses of liquid in front of you and one glass was filled with a highly toxic liquid, one with a moderately toxic liquid, one with a least toxic liquid and one filled with a non-toxic liquid, which one would you drink? I think that is an easy question. Another question! … Continue reading

Pest Control vs. Pest Management

There is a major difference between pest control and pest management.  When you use pest control, pesticides are sprayed inside and outside, often generically, to control so-called pests.  This is a very bad method as the pesticides destroy the local ecosystem, plus there are many health hazards.  Pest control companies spray millions of homes with … Continue reading

Beneficial Organisms

  Weeds are usually controlled with toxic herbicides based only on their appearance.  Cities and other organizations will spray toxic herbicides along roads, in parks and anywhere they see “unsightly” weeds.  Weeds are just plants and were put on this planet for a purpose and that purpose is not to enrich the herbicide industry.  Some … Continue reading

Bug Books and Bug Club


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You are welcome to join my Bug Club. If you join, I will help you with any pest problems you have forever.  I will send you a copy, via email, of my handbook, “Earth Friendly Pest Management for your Home and Garden and for Commercial Establishments”  If you have any pest or pesticide issues, I will help you to the best of my ability.  This includes any pest problems at home, at work or anywhere and this offer is open to anyone in the world.  Also I will help anyone in your immediate family. If your parents, children, brothers or sisters have pest problems, I will help them also, wherever they live.  All you would need to do is give them my contact info. If you want to join, the cost is $25 for a lifetime membership.  You can pay through my PayPal account at or you can send a check to me at 7595 Faith Rd. Las Cruces, NM 88012.  Be sure to include your email address so I can send you the booklet.  If you send a check, please make it out to me, Richard Fagerlund. As mentioned, membership is forever, or at least as long as I am on the planet.

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