All Creatures Great and Small


Here is a case of pest misidentification that happened a few years ago. A salesman for a very large national pest control company told a prospective customer that she had nematodes in her swimming pool and she needed to have her whole yard sprayed with a nematicide. Fortunately, she didn’t sign a contract and wanted another opinion. She called me and I went to her house and determined she had a swimming pool with small millipedes that fell in. Nematodes are microscopic and you need a microscope to even see them. It is apparent the supervisor was either totally incompetent or a con man. I suspect the former but either is a menace to society.

Misidentification is not the only area where some pest companies are not competent. In another case a pest control technician told his customer that the pesticide he was spraying is so safe you can drink it. When the person told me this, I suggested if he says that again, she gives him a glass and asks him to drink some. I suppose if he did drink it, the industry wouldn’t miss him and society would be better off and it would probably qualify him for the Darwin Award.

Ask for and check references if you have to use a pest control company. If you prefer, you can contact me and I will give you information on how to control most pests yourself. My email address is


About askthebugman

I have been in the pest management industry for over 40 years. In that time I have used almost every pesticide available to control so-called “pests”. With this experience, I have learned over the years that the pesticides we use are far more dangerous than the pests we are trying to control. As a result, it has become a passion for me to improve the quality of life for humans and the planet, by assisting people to not only become more educated and aware of their environment – but also by learning to manage their home and business with a sustainable and healthier approach to tending to unwanted infestations of bugs. Please enjoy my blog posts, check out my publications, utilize my services, or simply stay in touch if you have a bug question…


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