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International consulting

I have been consulting about non-toxic pest management across the country for many years now. I am going to expand a little, okay, maybe a lot. From now on I will help anyone with a pest problem anywhere in the world to the best of my ability as I have had recent pest questions from … Continue reading

Join the Bug Club. Offer open to anyone in the world.

I am offering my Bug Club membership and services to anyone in the world I have had people ask me how to control most pests without using pesticides. There are lots of options. Below is a short list of how some pests can be controlled without a can of Raid or an exterminator. Cockroaches (beer … Continue reading

Bed bugs, bat bugs or swallow bugs

This is not good, and, unfortunately, not uncommon in the pesticide industry. I got a message the other day from a lady who lives in the mountains. She was getting bitten by something and sent me a photo. They thought it was a bed bug. Actually it may be, but where she lives it could … Continue reading

Pest control Professionalism

Pest control professionalism!   A fellow from Santa Fe called me last year and said his exterminator was going around the house and spraying his baseboard like he normally does.  He said he saw a lot more pesticide coming out of the sprayer and asked the pest guy why he was spraying so much.  The pest … Continue reading

Monsanto lawsuit

Here is some information that caused Monsanto to lose that major lawsuit. Other pesticide makers do the same thing.  When Monsanto was on trial this year, secret documents were exposed that shed a light on how they were able to get away with selling a product that is dangerous to public health and the environment. … Continue reading

Pesticide applications

There are many improper and even illegal pesticide applications going on around the country. We need to be aware of two main issues. First, how to control pests inside and outside without using toxic pesticides as well as weeds without using toxic herbicides. Secondly, many pesticides are improperly applied in homes and around homes and … Continue reading

Never use toxic pesticides

  A federal court overruled the EPA which allowed the use of chlorpyrifos after it was banned during the Obama administration.  This is good.  Another court found Monsanto responsible when someone got lymphoma who used Roundup which contains glyphosate.  This is also good.  The problem with pesticide is that they are not properly tested before … Continue reading

Pest proofing your house

  Here is how to pest proof your house. The purpose of pest-proofing your home is to help keep cockroaches, ants, scorpions, centipedes, spiders, rodents and other pests out. It will also allow you to not have to hire a pest control company to spray pesticides all around your home or in it. Along with … Continue reading

Termites, Ticks, Vinegaroons, Wasps, Weeds, Wood-boring beetles & Yellowjackets.

TERMITESYYellowjackets usually live in the ground, often under railroad ties or other items on the ground.  They usually have two entrances to the nest, so if you treat one, they may come out the other and attack you. Try to find out where they are nesting.  Once you find a nest entrance, look all over … Continue reading

Pigeons, powderpost beetles, roly polys, scales insects, scorpions, silverfish, snails and slugs, spiders, spider mites, springtails, squash bugs & sun spiders.

PIGEONS (Aves – Columbidae) There are some diseases that can be transmitted by pigeons, but no more so than any other bird, including such popular pets as parakeets, canaries, etc. When they live on our buildings and deface it, we can remove the birds by excluding them from the area, but we don’t need to … Continue reading

Bed bugs

I got an email today from someone in Santa Fe who has bed bugs.  She called a company and they came out and sprayed her bedroom yesterday.  I asked her to send me a copy of the service ticket as she wasn’t feeling good after the spraying. According to the info she sent I have … Continue reading

Pest questions

I am getting a lot of bug / pesticide questions and that is fine.  Many via email and also on Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and this website.  I answer all questions to the best of my ability when I see them.  Normally I check my email very frequently as my phone always lets me know when … Continue reading

Lice, little house flies, mice, mosquitoes, moth flies, pantry moths

LICE (Pediculidae) The three main types of lice that infest humans are the head louse, the body louse and the crab louse.  Head lice normally infest the heads of children. Children share these bugs when playing with each other.  Body lice will live and breed in clothing and normally infest people who rarely change or … Continue reading

Fleas,, flea beetles, flour beetles, fruit flies, fungus gnats, gophers, grasshoppers & house flies

FLEAS (Siphonaptera) There are many species of fleas throughout North America, but the ones considered pests most often are dog fleas (Ctenocephalides canis) and cat fleas (Ctenocephalides felis), as these species will infest homes.  Other species carry plague and other diseases, but they will not infest a home in large numbers.  Dog and cat fleas … Continue reading

Cockroaches, crickets, daddy-long-legs, dust mites, earwigs & elm leaf beetles.

COCKROACHES (Blattodea) You can help prevent cockroaches from coming into your home by inspecting all incoming food products, all boxes, and any used furniture or appliances for the presence of cockroaches or their egg capsules.  Do not store paper bags anywhere in the kitchen.  Seal any holes or crevices around plumbing under sinks and behind … Continue reading

Blow flies, boxelder bugs, carpenter bees, carpet beetles, centipedes, clothes moths, clover mites & cluster flies

BLOW FLIES (Calliphoridae) Blow flies are larger than house flies and are normally shiny green, blue, bronze or black in color.  Blow flies feed on decaying animal matter and if you have them in your house it is an indication of a dead animal in the wall or ceiling.  Occasionally the only sign of these … Continue reading


I will be posting info on how to control all pests on a daily basis and will be posting them in alphabetical order. The first pest is ants and this is long.   ANTS (Hymenoptera) There are several things you can do to prevent ants from entering your home. The first step is exclusion.  Go … Continue reading

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