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Monsanto lawsuit

Here is some information that caused Monsanto to lose that major lawsuit. Other pesticide makers do the same thing.

 When Monsanto was on trial this year, secret documents were exposed that shed a light on how they were able to get away with selling a product that is dangerous to public health and the environment. This sums up what they were caught doing.

–Monsanto ghostwrote several publications submitted by “independent” scientists

–Monsanto violated standards of the peer review process

–Monsanto censored studies reaching the conclusion that glyphosate had adverse health effects

–Monsanto placed a paid consultant with an obvious conflict of interest in the role as editor of a journal publishing research on glyphosate. This editor later retracted a study published in the journal that glyphosate was a plausible human carcinogen.

–Monsanto organized a campaign to criticize the World Health Organization in anticipation of a general carcinogen causation classification.

–Monsanto was guilty of harassing independent scientists involved in research of glyphosate

–Monsanto ghostwrote articles submitted by “independent scientists” criticizing the World Health Organization

–Monsanto was involved in tons of studies published in scientific journals and their involvement was never disclosed. This points to the fact they have been able to populate scientific discourse with favorable coverage.

–Monsanto had several consultants on the payroll on an official panel supposedly “independent” critiquing the World Health Organization

–Monsanto lead studies that found that glyphosate was a carcinogen and never submitted them to the Environmental Protection Agency

–Monsanto used a laboratory that was later shut down for fraud. However, the EPA never forced Monsanto to repeat the studies done at that laboratory.

–Monsanto’s own experts confirmed that glyphosate was a probable carcinogen inside internal documents and emails and voiced concern that was ignored

–Monsanto was aware of the toxicity of glyphosate and continued to sell it without warning the public

–Monsanto coached witnesses to testify that glyphosate was not toxic

–Monsanto admits that the surfactants used in the formulation would cause the body to take in more of the chemical and could cause a toxic effect which was not stated to the EPA when evaluated by regulatory agencies

–Monsanto admits to using political influence to overcome regulatory hurdles

–Monsanto was colluding behind the scenes with the Environmental Protection Agency, reminding us all of the “revolving door” between the governmental agencies and the chemical industry


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I have been in the pest management industry for over 40 years. In that time I have used almost every pesticide available to control so-called “pests”. With this experience, I have learned over the years that the pesticides we use are far more dangerous than the pests we are trying to control. As a result, it has become a passion for me to improve the quality of life for humans and the planet, by assisting people to not only become more educated and aware of their environment – but also by learning to manage their home and business with a sustainable and healthier approach to tending to unwanted infestations of bugs. Please enjoy my blog posts, check out my publications, utilize my services, or simply stay in touch if you have a bug question…


One thought on “Monsanto lawsuit

  1. Monsanto, unbelievably corrupt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you, Bugman, for this report.

    Posted by Jakki | August 22, 2018, 8:19 am

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