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Relocating termites without killing them.

I got an email from a Buddhist friend of mine in Arizona.  She said she has termites outside her house and wanted to know how to remove them without killing them.  She called me a few years ago when she was in Albuquerque about black widows.  I went out and just caught the spiders and released them in my yard. This is what I told her about the termites.  As I said, there is no guarantee this will work.  I did it on two family owned homes and it worked in both cases.  I used boric acid also to kill the termites and it did.  My Buddhist friend doesn’t want to kill anything.  This is what I recommended.  I am not suggesting anyone do it as there is no guarantee at all, but if you want to, go for it.

Here is what I recommend, but I can’t guarantee the results.  If the termites just found your house and are trying to move in, it will probably work. If they are already infesting your house in areas where you can’t see them, this won’t work and you will have to get the house treated, especially if you ever want to sell it.

Try this.  Get a piece of cardboard about 1 or 2 foot square and then dig a hole near the termite activity and bury the piece of cardboard. Make the hole about six inches deep. After you put it in the ground, pour a bottle of water on it and a bottle of Ginger Ale.  The Ginger Ale will attract the termites.  Then cover the cardboard with the soil.  Wait about four weeks and then dig it up and check the bottom of the cardboard.  If it is infested with termites as I imagine it will be, put it back in the ground.   Then dig another hole about three feet away from the first hole and away from the house and bury another piece of cardboard, with water and Ginger Ale.  Then, dig a small trench about six inches deep along the outside of your house.  Pour some salt in the trench and wet it and then bury it.  This will repel any future termites that may come to your house.  They will come in contact with the salt and go back to the cardboard

Bury one more piece of cardboard about three feet further out from the last one.  The idea is to encourage the termites to move away from your house.  If you house isn’t presently infested, this will encourage the termites to relocate.  Of course you will probably have to continue to feed them the rest of your life or as long as you live there.  As I said, if they are already in your house they probably won’t come out to the cardboard.  Good luck. I hope this ends happily for you and the termites.




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