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Pesticides are dangerous

How many people are killed by weeds?  How many people get sick from weeds?  The answer to both is zero.  Because weeds are unsightly, we find it necessary to spray them with Roundup, so we don’t have to look at them. There are currently about 8,000 lawsuits against Monsanto (now Bayer) from people who got sick from Roundup.  So, we use a very dangerous herbicide to kill harmless weeds.  Common sense is lacking here.  That is like saying, Gee, I got a DUI for drinking beer and driving.  I better switch to Vodka.

The most commonly used pesticides in homes and outside to control pests are synthetic pyrethroids.  Health problems linked to pyrethroids include burning and tingling skin, respiratory trouble, involuntary twitching, dizziness, nausea, fainting, convulsions and seizures.  How many household pests can cause these symptoms. Not very many.
We really need to adopt safer methods for controlling unsightly weeds and unwelcome pests without using toxic pesticides that are far more dangerous. You can control most cockroaches with beer, duct tape and in some cases, pheromone traps.  Most ants can be controlled with boric acid baits.  You can control earwigs outside with newspapers, paper wasps with a garden hose and brown paper bags, spiders with essential oils and you can kill almost any pest bugs with a mixture of water, alcohol and a little liquid dish soap.  You don’t need to spend a fortune to control bed bugs as you can do it yourself safely and effectively. Why don’t we use vinegar to kill weeds instead of toxic Roundup?  I bet the vinegar industry hasn’t got any lawsuits against it for being hazardous to our health.

Pesticides are more dangerous than most pests and herbicides are more dangerous than weeds. In reality, pesticides are weapons of mass destruction and have no place in our society except in extreme situations which are very rare.  Contact me and I will help you use earth friendly pest control methods. My email is



About askthebugman

I have been in the pest management industry for over 40 years. In that time I have used almost every pesticide available to control so-called “pests”. With this experience, I have learned over the years that the pesticides we use are far more dangerous than the pests we are trying to control. As a result, it has become a passion for me to improve the quality of life for humans and the planet, by assisting people to not only become more educated and aware of their environment – but also by learning to manage their home and business with a sustainable and healthier approach to tending to unwanted infestations of bugs. Please enjoy my blog posts, check out my publications, utilize my services, or simply stay in touch if you have a bug question…


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