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I will help you with pest problems

I have 45 years of experience in the pesticide industry. I was IPM Technician for the University of New Mexico and IPM Manager for the City of Santa Fe, NM. I took care of over 80 buildings in Santa Fe and all of the buildings on UNM campus and never used toxic pesticides and everyone loved it. I didn’t allow Roundup to be used on public property in Santa Fe. I am the author of 3 published books, about a half dozen handbooks available online and a number of scientific entomology papers. I am a columnist for a number of newspapers. I was designated a Board Certified Entomologist in 1996. I taught several classes in entomology at UNM even though I never attended college myself. I am presently an Earth Friendly Pest Management Consultant and will help any organization that wants to quit using toxic pesticides and switch to safe and effective methods of pest management.

If I can help you, your business or government agency, you can contact me at or call me at 505-385-2820.


About askthebugman

I have been in the pest management industry for over 40 years. In that time I have used almost every pesticide available to control so-called “pests”. With this experience, I have learned over the years that the pesticides we use are far more dangerous than the pests we are trying to control. As a result, it has become a passion for me to improve the quality of life for humans and the planet, by assisting people to not only become more educated and aware of their environment – but also by learning to manage their home and business with a sustainable and healthier approach to tending to unwanted infestations of bugs. Please enjoy my blog posts, check out my publications, utilize my services, or simply stay in touch if you have a bug question…


2 thoughts on “I will help you with pest problems

  1. We have been fighting invisible seems like bugs and bite and they r on our furniture bedding clothes shoes everywhere carpet cabinets bathroom and we just moved apartments locat. And still the same tried everything there is out there and i am still getting bit cannot sleep for days at a time and crying as they r constantly biting me and my boufriend and we have no pets constant showers washing everything in the hottest water and yet still for a day or so good and then around 2 to 7 days back at it again i am drained tired and feel like i am going insane nobody believes what i we r going through i am scared to go to hospital and they put me in a mental institution i have some cought in a sandwich bag some r black like carpet beetles but these r small round black and the others look like wrap in fabric and others white clear and then some look like just triangle shape w legs around it. Please see you can help and get some relief i hope and pray thank you so tired gave up.

    Posted by Sandra | March 7, 2019, 4:25 am
    • You can send me some samples and I will idenitify them if I can. Put them in alcohol in a leak proof container and send them to me at 7595 Faith Rd. Las Cruces, NM 88012. Include your email address and a check made out to me for $25 (Richard Fagerlund). Also you can check the Invisible Biting Bug Syndrome (IBBS) blog on this website. You may have IBBS.

      Posted by askthebugman | March 7, 2019, 11:59 am

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