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New Book

The book is finished.  I am going to edit it today and tomorrow and then put it in PDF format and will start sending it out this weekend.  Every time I went out walking, I would get spiritual suggestions on changes that needed to be made and they were all good suggestions.  Today I went … Continue reading

Plastics and Pesticides

There are two important issues I will be putting in the book. One is about all the plastics in the ocean that are killing fish, turtles, dolphins, whales and other aquatic animals.  This has to be corrected.  The other is the misuse of pesticides that are destroying our ecosystem, including killing beneficial insects, birds and … Continue reading


I decided I need to write one more book.  This one will probably be the most important one.  It won’t be long as I will just want to convey messages that are important, and it may even be free, or very, very inexpensive, so everyone can read it.  The title of the book may be … Continue reading


SILVERFISH: You can trap them by putting some flour in a glass jar and wrapping it with duct tape so they can climb up the sides. They will get in the jar but will not be able to get out. COCKROACHES: Pesticides not necessary. You can control cockroaches with beer and duct tape. HEAD LICE: … Continue reading

Pest control legal action

Someone told me about an incident where a pest control company sprayed pesticides on her property even though it was off limits. They used a toxic synthetic pyrethroid which can affect her, can seriously affect her cats and ruined her organic garden. The technician said it was organic, which is nonsense and a total lie. … Continue reading

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