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I will help with pest issues anywhere in the world

I want to help everyone I can to stop using toxic pesticides no matter where they live. In the past I would only help people in English speaking countries, but that is changing.  I will help anyone from any country no matter what language they speak.  Most languages can be translated on Google Translate, so … Continue reading

Email I received

I recently got an email that made my day. I have to post it here. It said Dear Mr. Fagerlund I have been a homeowner for many years and have lived in South Carolina, Texas, California and currently New Mexico. Over the years I have called a number of exterminators for various pest issues. In … Continue reading

Question !

Question! If you had four glasses of liquid in front of you and one glass was filled with a highly toxic liquid, one with a moderately toxic liquid, one with a least toxic liquid and one filled with a non-toxic liquid, which one would you drink? I think that is an easy question. Another question! … Continue reading

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