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Pesticide issues

One day our species will realize that all life on the planet are contributors to our environmental balance. We claim to have dominion over everything, yet we depend on everything as all life is symbiotic. When we destroy other living things needlessly, we are destroying ourselves. We poison the planet by spraying pesticides everywhere and … Continue reading


I have been getting a lot of calls about ants coming into homes, probably because of the weather. I will discuss some treatment methods that don’t involve spraying pesticides. There are several things you can do to prevent ants from entering your home. The first step is exclusion. Go around the outside of your home … Continue reading


Let’s not forget flies. You can make a good fly trap with some plastic water bottles, apple cider vinegar and some sugar. Cut the tops off the bottles and invert the top into the lower section forming a funnel and tape them together. Put about 2 inches of apple cider vinegar in the bottle with … Continue reading

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