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Pest Control Professionalism

Pest control professionalism! A fellow from Santa Fe called me last year and said his exterminator was going around the house and spraying his baseboard like he normally does. He said he saw a lot more pesticide coming out of the sprayer and asked the pest guy why he was spraying so much. The pest … Continue reading

My Consultations

There is a lot of pesticide issues going on. The many lawsuits against Monsanto about the hazards of Roundup, illegal aerial spraying of herbicides over homes, improper treatment of pests in homes by some pest control companies and many others. I am involved in some of these and want to make myself available in any … Continue reading

Positive pest identification

The most important part of pest management is properly identifying the pest. In some cases an unknown bug in the house might be beneficial, so it is necessary to know what it is. How can any bug be beneficial in a house? A couple of years ago an exterminator identified some small black things in … Continue reading


Someone just asked me a question about venomous snakes. In this case a copperhead. Let me tell you a true story about a copperhead bite. I use to keep venomous snakes in cages in my house (40 years ago). One night I was giving a dead mouse to a copperhead. I was holding the mouse … Continue reading


Fleas There are many species of fleas throughout North America, but the ones considered pests most often are dog fleas (Ctenocephalides canis) and cat fleas (Ctenocephalides felis), as these species will infest homes.  Other species carry plague and other diseases, but they will not infest a home in large numbers.  Dog and cat fleas prefer … Continue reading


I am getting a lot of calls about cockroaches. That is because of very hot weather. Cockroaches and other insects are often attracted to homes because they are cooler. What should you do? First, never use pesticides. Spraying pesticides may kill a couple of roaches, but it will also kill a lot of beneficial insects. … Continue reading


You are walking your dog in the foothills of a mountain.  Your pet sniffs the air and detects a mouth-watering scent and wanders off in search of the prize.  The aroma didn’t come from any benevolent source; it was bait used in a Conibear trap that was set out to catch a raccoon.  Your companion … Continue reading


One day, a few years ago, I was pulling into my driveway when my cell phone rang. It was my daughter Sara. I walked into the house and found her standing on the couch, trying to call me and screaming at the same time. She pointed to a large wolf spider on the floor that … Continue reading


ROUNDUP Recently someone told me she was walking her dog near an elementary school and saw a fellow power spraying Roundup all along the side of the building. He was power spraying a rocky area where there were no weeds. He obviously didn’t know what he was doing as Roundup is supposed to be sprayed … Continue reading

Home buyers, realtors

  HOME BUYER – REALTOR This is important if you are buying a house and also, if you are a realtor.  There was a recent situation where a buyer bought a house and didn’t request a termite inspection and his realtor did not either.  After closing and moving in, he was remodeling and found a … Continue reading


DEET. What is DEET. Someone asked me why I never recommend it when all government agencies always recommend it. DEET is short for N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide (also known as N,N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide). In 1998, the EPA made it illegal for any product containing DEET to make any child safety claims. Products with DEET are required to carry instructions that … Continue reading

War of 1812

During the war of 1812, a British war ship sailed up the Patuxent River in Maryland. The officers went ashore to explore the countryside. When they noticed a hornet’s nest, they asked a young boy what it was because they weren’t familiar with it. The boy told them it was a rare hummingbird nest and … Continue reading

How dangerous are spiders?

How dangerous are spiders? In one story, a woman jumped out of her car while she was driving because she saw a spider on her shoulder. The car was wrecked. In another case, a woman saw a spider on her rear-view mirror and panicked and ran off the road. She wasn’t hurt but her car … Continue reading

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