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International Pesticide Issues

I want to ask the visitors at this website from other countries a question. How are pests managed where you live and does your government recommend safe pesticides or do they use toxic pesticides? Most countries have household pests and I’m concerned how they are controlled. Hopefully you have non-toxic method of dealing with pests. … Continue reading

Roaches will be out soon

Cockroaches are getting ready for Spring. These insects created the pesticide industry and have created more jobs than congress. Next time you see a cockroach, remember that it is more productive than politicians. If you need to control them, you don’t need toxic pesticides or someone spraying your house on a regular basis. Most cockroaches … Continue reading

Pesticide Precautionary Principle

PESTICIDE PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE Pesticide Precautionary Principle The Pesticide Precautionary Principle (PPP) simply means that any pesticides used for any purpose have to be proven safe for people and the environment. There are three sections of the PPP that are important. First, before any insecticides or herbicides are used, the target pest needs to be positively … Continue reading

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