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Mosquitoes will be active soon and many agencies will start spraying pesticides from trucks and even planes in a futile effort to control them. These methods destroy the ecosystem, can harm people and pets and will chase bats out of the area, even though one bat can eat a thousand mosquitoes in one night. We … Continue reading

Free consultations

  I have helped thousands of people do their own pest management over many years and I have never had a single person say the methods I recommended didn’t work and they were going back to a pest control company. There are incidents when you have to hire a pest company. Certainly, if you have … Continue reading

How dangerous are pesticides?

How dangerous are pesticides? Based on information from hospital surveys, an estimated 20,000o people receive emergency care annually for actual or suspected pesticide poisoning, and approximately 10% are admitted to the hospital. Each year 20 -40 die of acute pesticide poisoning in the United States. We still allow pesticides to be sprayed in our homes, … Continue reading

Bed bug in the mail

Several years ago, I got a bed bug in the mail that was still alive. I posted his picture on FB several times. Because he wasn’t a pest, but just a specimen for identification, I just couldn’t kill him in cold blood. I couldn’t put him outside as he would have starved, so I put … Continue reading

Offer to help international associations

It has been an interesting week and I think positive. I wrote several snailmail letters to organizations nationally and in NM about non-toxic pest management and I offered to help them with any pest issues they have. Here is who I wrote. On Monday I sent a letter to the NM Realtors Association offering to … Continue reading

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