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Coronavirus opinion

The coronavirus pandemic is terrible, and I don’t think it is going away. This is just my opinion. It originated from live animal markets in China where wild animals are routinely slaughtered and sold to people on site. The animals live in terrible conditions that creates an environment where the germination and spread of diseases … Continue reading

Pesticide spraying outside

Someone asked me if it was okay to have the perimeter of her house sprayed with pesticides for cockroach control. It is not good for the ecosystem. There are numerous beneficial organisms in every yard and this is one reason, plus your safety, your family’s safety and the safety of any pets you have for … Continue reading

Are spiders dangerous?

Someone asked me if spiders are dangerous. Yes! In one case, a woman jumped out of her car while she was driving because she saw a spider on her shoulder. The car was wrecked. In another case, a woman saw a spider on her rear-view mirror and panicked and ran off the road. She wasn’t … Continue reading

Have you ever met a tiger?

Have you ever met a tiger in the wild? I did, twice, in Thailand when I was in the army. The first time I had to go to the restroom at night, which was a porta potty about 50 yards from the camp. When I got done, I opened the door to come out and … Continue reading


Snakes are out. I saw a bullsnake this morning. If bullsnakes are out, so are the other species, including rattlesnakes. I want to give you some information on snake bites and I have experience as I have been bitten 9 times by venomous snakes. The first time I got bit was in the Magdalena Mts. … Continue reading


I found this post on Facebook and it is very important. So much confusion, misinformation and denial is bouncing around on social media about the coronavirus that I thought I would try to explain, in plain language, why the experts see this as such an emergency. You will see the claim online that this virus … Continue reading


Since the beginning of human history, wolves have graced us with their presence. They have protected us, they were companions of our ancestors, and because of our relationship with them, we have our modern-day companion animal, the dog. Why are wolves labeled as “evil” animals? We see wolves portrayed as “man-eaters” in children’s books like … Continue reading

The truth about pigeons

The truth about pigeons Someone asked me if pigeons are hazardous to our health. I told her that alcohol, tobacco and eating meat cause more death and grief in a single day than all the pigeons on the planet have since the beginning of time. When I look at the pigeon-infested roof of a fast-food … Continue reading

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