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There are several hundred species of centipedes in the U. S., but most of them are very small and belong to two groups. They are the stone centipedes (Lithobiomorpha) and the soil centipedes (Geophilomorpha). Stone centipedes are about an inch long and have 15 pair of legs. Soil centipedes aren’t much longer and have upwards … Continue reading

Hazards of pesticides

This may be long, but if you are interested in the hazards of pesticide use, you may want to read it. I am posting this because warm weather is here and pests will be around. We all know the pharmaceutical industry in this country has outrageous prices and most of the prescription drugs have side … Continue reading

Ant information

When you have ants in the house, you can use safe boric acid baits if you want, such as Terro Bait. What I did when I had a bunch of acrobat ants on the kitchen counter was put some Karo syrup on a piece of paper and all the ants hung around there all the … Continue reading

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