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Black widows

I just got a call from a lady in Albuquerque who had a question about a black widow. She said there was a black widow on the side of her house in a web. A neighbor came by and said she had to hire an exterminator and kill it or kill it herself. She asked … Continue reading

Mosquito control

I got a couple of questions about mosquito control. With the very hot weather and rain, insect activity will increase and you may have to deal with mosquitoes. Here is some information you can use to prevent mosquitoes from being a problem in your yard. First, reduce standing water where mosquitoes can breed. Some species … Continue reading

How to control bed bugs

Is it possible to control bed bugs with non-toxic materials? All you need to start is a EPA Exempt pesticide, which is safe or even just a mixture of alcohol and water with a little dish soap. Mix a gallon sprayer half and half with water and alcohol and a cup of dish soap. Then … Continue reading

Bed bugs, cockroaches, termits? Do it yourself

I just got a call from a woman in Grants who has bed bugs and she called an exterminator who said the price was $600 to get rid of them. This is beyond ridiculous. If you have bed bugs, you can control them yourself and it will probably cost only a few dollars. I won’t … Continue reading

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