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COVID-19 and Pesticides

We currently have over 190,000 deaths in the US from coronavirus and some experts say it will be over 400,000 deaths by January, which is only a little over three months away.  We have to be very careful to prevent us from getting the disease.  We need to always wear masks and socially distance ourselves … Continue reading

Hazards of Pesticides

Why do I focus on the hazards of pesticides? There are several reasons. 1 – Pesticides are hazardous to people when they are misused and even in cases where they are properly used. The most common pesticide group used are synthetic pyrethroids and studies have found that they can cause children to develop leukemia and … Continue reading

Pest management consultations

It looks like it is going to be a dry and warm winter according to some forecasts. This isn’t good for several reasons and one of them is that pests will be more active, as they need moisture and will be attracted to homes, and then more pesticides will be used. The pesticides can seriously … Continue reading

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