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Insects are declining

Insects are declining at an alarming rate. More than 40% of insect species are declining and about a third are endangered. I know a lot of people will say, so what, they are just bugs. Insects are far more important than we realize and if they all disappeared, humans wouldn’t last much longer. The rate … Continue reading

The Coronavirus is getting worse

The coronavirus is getting worse throughout the country.  It is recommended that we wear masks, socially distance, and avoid large gatherings.  There is one other thing we should do and that is to try to keep our immune systems as strong as possible so they can fight the virus if we get it.   There are … Continue reading

Free Handbook

Pests will be active most of the year because of climate change.  I am offering my handbook so you can manage the pests without using toxic pesticides. The title of the handbook is “Earth Friendly Pest Management for your Home and Garden and for Commercial Establishments”.   All the “pests” mentioned in the book includes their … Continue reading

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