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Safe pest control metods

I have posted this before, but with this terrible pandemic going on, you certainly shouldn’t be exposed to pesticides, which can compromise your immune system.  There are many safe and effective ways to control pests. You can do your own pest control.  You can kill any bug in your house with a mixture of water … Continue reading

Black widows and more

Black widows are venomous, and their bites can be fatal, but they are not at all aggressive. They will bite if mishandled, squeezed or if you threaten their egg sacs. They bite in self-defense and to defend their baby spiders. They do not run around a house looking for people to bite. In reality, all … Continue reading

Safe pest control

I will help you with any pest control problems you have via email or phone. I will send you relevant handbooks via email.  I will identify any pests you have if necessary.  If you want a consultation, they are free as times are tough during this pandemic.  I will only recommend safe and effective ways … Continue reading

Safe pest control products

Here is a list of some products you find around the house or that you can easily purchase that will help you manage your pest problems.  There are many others, but these may be the easiest to find and use. Baking Soda When baking soda eaten by insects it releases carbon dioxide bubbles that are … Continue reading

Bug club info

I have been in the pest industry for over 45 years now. I have killed millions of so-called “pests” in that time, and I have been stung and bitten by everything that stings and bites. What did I learn in all those years? I learned many years ago that we should try to get along … Continue reading

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