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Pesticide form you should get signed

I got a call yesterday from a woman in Santa Fe who live in an apartment complex.  She said that the management normally doesn’t spray her apartment because she is chemically sensitive, but they called her and said they will be spraying all apartments, including hers.  She asked me what her options on.  I tole … Continue reading

Pest Control Information

We are using way too much pesticides in our society, in our homes, in our schools, in public buildings and even in our forests. I have covered the many problems pesticides cause many times in my columns. We have to have a system where we use safe and effective methods for pest control. Some companies … Continue reading

Insect Information

There are about one million species of insects known to occur in the world, but there are many more that haven’t been described.  Out of that number, only about a thousand species of insects are known pests.  What are the benefits of insects?  There are many and here is some information. They Create a Biological … Continue reading

Pest control handbooks

You don’t have to use pesticides (Killicides) to manage pests in your home or business or on public property.  There are safe and effective ways to control almost all pests, including cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and most others.  I have three handbooks available that will help you get away from pesticide pollution.  … Continue reading

Important pesticide information.

This is important.  I have written about the hazards of pesticides many times over the years, and I need to do it again as pesticides are destroying our ecosystem. If you agree with the content of this message, please share it.  I will be sending it in column format to some newspapers and to government … Continue reading

Safe pest control metods

I have posted this before, but with this terrible pandemic going on, you certainly shouldn’t be exposed to pesticides, which can compromise your immune system.  There are many safe and effective ways to control pests. You can do your own pest control.  You can kill any bug in your house with a mixture of water … Continue reading

Black widows and more

Black widows are venomous, and their bites can be fatal, but they are not at all aggressive. They will bite if mishandled, squeezed or if you threaten their egg sacs. They bite in self-defense and to defend their baby spiders. They do not run around a house looking for people to bite. In reality, all … Continue reading

Safe pest control

I will help you with any pest control problems you have via email or phone. I will send you relevant handbooks via email.  I will identify any pests you have if necessary.  If you want a consultation, they are free as times are tough during this pandemic.  I will only recommend safe and effective ways … Continue reading

Safe pest control products

Here is a list of some products you find around the house or that you can easily purchase that will help you manage your pest problems.  There are many others, but these may be the easiest to find and use. Baking Soda When baking soda eaten by insects it releases carbon dioxide bubbles that are … Continue reading

Bug club info

I have been in the pest industry for over 45 years now. I have killed millions of so-called “pests” in that time, and I have been stung and bitten by everything that stings and bites. What did I learn in all those years? I learned many years ago that we should try to get along … Continue reading


Please stay safe as the Covid Delta variant is spreading out fast. Wear masks and social distance.

Worldwide Pest Control Consultations

As I have mentioned in the past, pesticides are widely used and often misused, and in most cases, they aren’t even necessary. I am going to get a little more involved. I am offering my consulting services to any small business, large commercial company, or government agency as an online IPM (Intelligent Pest Management) Consultant. … Continue reading

Pest control qualifications

I posted this last year and want to repost it because it is very important you check the qualifications of any exterminator you hire for any purpose.  This fellow kills prairie dogs because he stupidly believes they are dangerous.  I got an email from someone about an article I wrote about prairie dogs. It looks … Continue reading

Environmentally friendly bug club

My book,”Safe and Effective Pest Management is VITAL for the Welfare of ourChildren and the Environment”, is available in PDF format via email. Ifyou want to join my environmentally friendly Bug Club, I will help you with anypest issues you have for the rest of my life. I will identify any pests if necessary and … Continue reading


Here is some information on dealing with aphids.  Pesticides are not necessary.  Aphids are very small, soft-bodied insects.  Some adults may have wings, others are wingless.  The winged forms are produced because of environmental developments such as temperature or moisture. Aphids are sometimes called plantlice and their common names often reflect the plants they prefer.  … Continue reading

Pest Information

I am going to post information on controlling pests every day on here and I will cover most household pests and they will be in alphabetical order.  In some cases, like today, I will only cover one pest because of the amount of information.  On other days I will cover several pests. What is a … Continue reading

Pesticide Misuse

A couple of years ago I was contacted by some people in Utah who were having pesticides carelessly and illegally applied where they live.  Since there were some federal laws broken, I contacted the EPA, but they did nothing.  It was under the Trump administration and the EPA then was the EDA (Environmental Destruction Agency).  … Continue reading

Cockroach control

You can help prevent cockroaches from coming into your home by inspecting all incoming food products, all boxes, and any used furniture or appliances for the presence of cockroaches or their egg capsules.  Do not store paper bags anywhere in the kitchen.  Seal any holes or crevices around plumbing under sinks and behind toilets.  Regularly … Continue reading


I saw something interesting in the paper today.  It said that some recent studies of DDT, a commonly used pesticide many years ago, is still affecting people even though it has been illegal to use since 1972.  The study said that any pregnant woman who was exposed to DDT passed the exposure on to her … Continue reading

New Book available

I finished putting a book together.  It is a compilation of several handbooks I wrote.  I updated some of the information and added some more.  The title is – “Safe and Effective Pest Management is VITAL for the Welfare of Our Children and for the Environment. It is over 100 pages in length and is … Continue reading

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