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Mosquito control

I got a couple of questions about mosquito control. With the very hot weather and rain, insect activity will increase and you may have to deal with mosquitoes. Here is some information you can use to prevent mosquitoes from being a problem in your yard. First, reduce standing water where mosquitoes can breed. Some species … Continue reading

How to control bed bugs

Is it possible to control bed bugs with non-toxic materials? All you need to start is a EPA Exempt pesticide, which is safe or even just a mixture of alcohol and water with a little dish soap. Mix a gallon sprayer half and half with water and alcohol and a cup of dish soap. Then … Continue reading

Roaches and ants

The two most common pests that are active now are cockroaches and ants. If you have any of these pests, you can control them yourself. You do not need a pest control company to spray toxic pesticides in and around your home. If you have large brown American roaches or black Oriental roaches you can … Continue reading


Mosquitoes will be active soon and many agencies will start spraying pesticides from trucks and even planes in a futile effort to control them. These methods destroy the ecosystem, can harm people and pets and will chase bats out of the area, even though one bat can eat a thousand mosquitoes in one night. We … Continue reading

Free consultations

  I have helped thousands of people do their own pest management over many years and I have never had a single person say the methods I recommended didn’t work and they were going back to a pest control company. There are incidents when you have to hire a pest company. Certainly, if you have … Continue reading

How dangerous are pesticides?

How dangerous are pesticides? Based on information from hospital surveys, an estimated 20,000o people receive emergency care annually for actual or suspected pesticide poisoning, and approximately 10% are admitted to the hospital. Each year 20 -40 die of acute pesticide poisoning in the United States. We still allow pesticides to be sprayed in our homes, … Continue reading

Bed bug in the mail

Several years ago, I got a bed bug in the mail that was still alive. I posted his picture on FB several times. Because he wasn’t a pest, but just a specimen for identification, I just couldn’t kill him in cold blood. I couldn’t put him outside as he would have starved, so I put … Continue reading

Offer to help international associations

It has been an interesting week and I think positive. I wrote several snailmail letters to organizations nationally and in NM about non-toxic pest management and I offered to help them with any pest issues they have. Here is who I wrote. On Monday I sent a letter to the NM Realtors Association offering to … Continue reading

International Pesticide Issues

I want to ask the visitors at this website from other countries a question. How are pests managed where you live and does your government recommend safe pesticides or do they use toxic pesticides? Most countries have household pests and I’m concerned how they are controlled. Hopefully you have non-toxic method of dealing with pests. … Continue reading

Roaches will be out soon

Cockroaches are getting ready for Spring. These insects created the pesticide industry and have created more jobs than congress. Next time you see a cockroach, remember that it is more productive than politicians. If you need to control them, you don’t need toxic pesticides or someone spraying your house on a regular basis. Most cockroaches … Continue reading

Pesticide Precautionary Principle

PESTICIDE PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE Pesticide Precautionary Principle The Pesticide Precautionary Principle (PPP) simply means that any pesticides used for any purpose have to be proven safe for people and the environment. There are three sections of the PPP that are important. First, before any insecticides or herbicides are used, the target pest needs to be positively … Continue reading

I will help anyone, anywhere in the world with pest issues

I have adjusted my 2020 plan a little from what I previously said. I did say I was going to help anyone anywhere in the world with pest problems for free and I have handbooks also available for free. Several people said it was good that I help people, but I should charge something. I … Continue reading

NM Pesticide issues

This is the response I am sending to the NMDA and many of our state legislators. I also copied the governor, some environmentalists and others. It is very long but I covered several issues. If the NMDA does not want to consider cockroaches as vectors of diseases, that is okay. However, there are incidents of … Continue reading

My plan for 2020

This is my plan for 2020 regarding non-toxic pest management.  I will continue to help anyone that has pest problems and send handbooks to anyone that wants them, and, of course, my consultations and handbooks are free.  I will make it known that anyone that wants to can contribute any amount they want if they … Continue reading

New Year Resolution

It is time for our New Year Resolutions. My main one is, I am going to help anyone I can, and that includes any schools, any government agencies and any commercial establishments, stay as safe as possible from pesticide exposure. We have to keep ourselves and our children safe from exposure to pesticides. Here are … Continue reading

Holiday season

The holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas are here. We celebrate these seasons as the beginning of love, of kindness, of respect and of honor in our hearts. We should love all the animals we exist with and not kill them out of hate or fear or to hang their body parts on our walls … Continue reading

My experience in the pesticide industry

Let me tell you my experience with pesticides and why I am totally against them now. I started in the pest industry in Florida in1972. We used to drive cars and not trucks and keep all the chemicals on the front seat next to us. They were toxic products such as DDT, chlordane, heptachlor, malathion … Continue reading


SPIDERS, The good, the bad and the not so evil. One day, a few years ago, I was pulling into my driveway when my cell phone rang. It was my daughter Sara. I walked into the house and found her standing on the couch, trying to call me and screaming at the same time. She … Continue reading


I promote non-toxic pest management as pesticides are weapons of mass destruction and are not necessary in controlling most pests. If you have any pest issues, you can contact me at and I will help you. All of my consultations are free as money isn’t the issue, protecting people, pets and the environment is.  … Continue reading

Pest Misidentification

This happened when I was in Albuquerque and it demonstrates why you have to be very careful when you hire a pest control company. A lady had some small white grub-like insects all over her floor. She called several exterminators including the one that regularly services her home and none of them had any idea … Continue reading

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